good shepherd nursery school

The Good Shepherd Nursery School believes the preschool years are extremely important in the life of the young child. These are the years when language is mastered, independence is growing, and first friendships are made. It is during these years that the most rapid and dramatic changes take place in physical skills and thinking abilities.

Our main goal is to provide a sound foundation for future learning through a variety of worthwhile experiences that will promote the development of the five selves: social, emotional, creative, cognitive, and physical. We seek to accomplish this from a Christian perspective through a loving and caring staff.

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The Good Shepherd Nursery School is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and is located at:

170 Village Street

Medway, MA 02053

(508) 533-5854

Want to help? Consider our volunteer program.

The purpose of the Volunteer Program is to allow parents, extended family, and other members of our community (e.g., church members, senior citizens, community organizations) the opportunity to volunteer their time and/or share their talents with our preschool children in an enriching way. It is also very helpful to the teachers. Volunteers are always under the supervision of the teaching staff, and at no time will they be left alone with or be asked to “take charge” of children.

You can make a significant contribution if you can come in for 30 minutes, an hour, an entire session, or help with projects at home. This program began eleven years ago and continues to be very successful.

For more information about our Volunteer Program, please contact our director, Kim Hughes, via email: