“Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to be transformed by God’s word, to learn, to share, and to live out the way of Jesus wherever we are.”

We believe that the fulfillment of our mission will be through a ministry focus that is transformational, formational, and missional.


Our ministries have as their foundation the truth that God desires transformation in every aspect of our lives. Faith in Jesus Christ makes this transformation possible and everyone who believes in him will have a new life. Our goal is to work with the Spirit to see lives being transformed from darkness to light, which is the salvation of their souls.


Our ministries also function to fulfill God’s desire for lives to be shaped after his character as demonstrated in the life of Jesus Christ. The formation, through spiritual disciplines and a radically different way of living, is drawn from the word that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Believers are in a constant state of formation and our ministry seeks to journey alongside them. We engage in discipleship pathways that develop and encourage Christ-like character in heart, mind and practiced habits in believers.


Our ministries also function to fulfill God’s calling on the church - sending it into the world in our ordinary day-to-day life. God transforms and forms us so that we are his ambassadors in the world. We seek to equip and encourage fruitful living for all believers so that others can come to know the joy of life in Christ.