What We Believe

We follow Christ Jesus as our Lord, and affirm the Bible as authoritative for our lives and faith.

We seek to accept others as Christ accepted us.

We emphasize real, authentic relationships with God, the body of Christ, and our neighbors. We are committed to speaking the truth in love and to listening to God and others.

We aim to make disciples, and to witness and serve in order to spread the Gospel in our community and beyond.

We want to communicate Christian truth in relevant ways to our friends and neighbors.

We affirm that the Holy Spirit can speak through any member of the congregation.

MVC Statement of Faith:

We believe there is only one God, true and living. He is eternal, infinite, living, righteous, just, merciful, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and immutable. He eternally exists in three persons, namely, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each person of this triune Godhead is equal in nature and substance, and all three are harmonious in execution of their distinct offices.

God the Father
We believe that God the Father is a spiritual being and that He is the architect of the work of God. He planned the work of creation, providence, and redemption. He is the representative of the Trinity whose right is violated by our sin. He is the Father of all believers in Christ.

God the Son
God the Son is revealed to be Jesus, who is the Christ. We believe that in the fullness of time, God the Father sent Jesus to draw men unto Himself by means of His atoning death on the cross. We believe He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, performed miracles, lived a sinless life, revealed God’s compassionate and perfect will for us, died a vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood on the cross, and was bodily resurrected from the dead, He arose to dwell with the Father in Heaven whereupon He presently makes intercession for us. He shall personally and bodily come for a second time for all to behold in power and glory to judge the world, and consummate man’s history. The basic office of Jesus is mediation.

God the Holy Spirit
We believe the third person of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit. He inspired men to write the Scriptures. He is revealed in both the Old and New Testaments. He was sent by the Father and Son, convicted the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. He restrains evil. He bears witness to the truth. He indwells the hearts of every believer. He regenerates those who repent of their sins and exercise faith in Christ. He instructs, comforts, sanctifies, empowers and guides.

The Bible
We believe the Bible is the written Word of God. It was inspired by God and consists of the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments. In the original autographs it was inerrant. History verifies that God has faithfully protected the Bible in translations so that today we have a reliable and authoritative account of what God inspired men to write at one time in Man’s experience.

God has given us this “special revelation” for the purpose of teaching us about Himself, His creation, ourselves, and how we might know His plan for us. Today the Holy Spirit illumines our minds to understand this Holy Word.

We believe the Bible is our final authority in all matters that pertain to our Christian faith and practice.

We believe God created man, male and female, in His own image. He was totally innocent and enjoyed full fellowship with God. He was given the power and responsibility for making rational choices in light of their moral consequences. The very purpose of His creation was to glorify God. At one point early in his experience, man chose to transgress God’s positive command. He yielded to Satan’s enticement. Man became a sinner. The entire human race became involved in guilt and corruption so that in every heart there is, by nature, a disposition that leads to responsible acts of sin and therefore just condemnation.

God, being just, found it necessary to require full payment for the transgression of our sin. In His love He came to us as the Christ, Jesus, God in the Flesh, to live sinlessly and pay the wages of sin with His own death on the cross. We believe any who accept this plan of God’s for our reconciliation with a contrite and repentant heart and who in faith are willing themselves to trust God’s plan, are graciously given the gift of eternal life with Christ Jesus. This is called Salvation. Through this experience we are “born again” into new life. We are justified, absolved of our guilt, and declared righteous in the sight of God. We become His adopted children and joint heirs with Christ. There is no way we can come to the Father but this. It is by the “Grace of God” alone that we have salvation.

We believe the church is the people of the Lord “called out” of the darkness of this sinful world into the light of realization that Jesus is the Christ. Each member of the church has accepted the mediation of Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross as accomplished for his or her reconciliation with the Heavenly Father. Having been called out of the darkness and bondage of our sin, we are likewise called to a unity through Christ’s common love for and through each of us.

We believe the church is universal and invisible. The group of believers who meet at the Medway Village Church are a local, visible part of that universal church. The church is the “Body of Christ”. It exists for the purpose of glorifying God by means of proclaiming the Good News of salvation in Christ and edifying those who believe in Christ as Savior through instruction in the Scriptures, prayer, fellowship, and observance of Communion and Baptism. This local fellowship of the church recognizes two ordinances. We believe the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) should be celebrated in obedience to Christ’s command to “remember Him” through the sharing of the consecrated elements which symbolize His death. All believers in right relationship with Christ, regardless of local membership, are invited to share in the observance of the Lord’s Supper.

We believe that Baptism should be administered and received in obedience to Christ’s command to all believers. Subjects (believer/infant) and mode (method) would be determined in good conscience with their understanding of the Scriptures by the individual members concerned, the Pastor, and the Board of Elders. We believe Baptism has no regenerative value.