What to Expect

Hey there – we know walking into a church might be scary. We want you to feel welcome so we’ve listed some of the more common questions people have. Feel free to contact us too with any specific questions.

What happens in church? We open with a brief reflection. We’ll sing a few songs (you don’t have to sing). We pray (you don’t have to pray). There will be a Bible teaching/message, and we’ll close with a song or two.

Does it cost anything? Nope. You are welcome to contribute to an offering plate that gets passed around, but you are not obligated.

What should I wear? Casual.

Where do I park? Our parking is not the greatest – sorry about that. We try to keep the best spots for the older folks up front to the side of the church. But there are lots of spots in and around the church, and behind the church there is a large lot on Peach St.

What time does it start? 10:00 am, and lasts about an hour. Sunday school starts at 9:00, downstairs.

Will everyone know I’m a visitor? Possibly, but there are other new people too. Plus we’re friendly 🙂

Can my children come? Of course! Kids participate for the first 15 minutes or so in the main service upstairs. Then they head to their own fun program that includes games, movies, snacks and more.

Where do I sit? Wherever you’d like. The greeters at the door can assist you as well.

What happens after the service? Some folks take right off. Most hang around and chat and laugh, or pray together. We serve coffee and snacks downstairs in what we call, Fellowship Hall.