Sticky Faith Philosophy

church-family-clipart-people.249123917_stdHere at MVC, we have a vision for children. We want to see them develop an everyday faith that lasts an eternity.

We like to call that Sticky Faith.

It’s the kind of faith that kids hang onto, even in the turbulent times. It’s the kind of faith that kids see as not only relevant but essential in their daily lives. It’s the kind of faith that they don’t abandon when they leave our fold and venture out on their own.

It’s the kind of faith that sticks.

Here’s the thing: Sticky faith doesn’t happen in isolation. Developing a sticky faith requires relationships with other believers. Believers who’ve been there. Believers who are willing to walk alongside our children and teens, praying, mentoring and discipling them.

In other words, Sticky Faith takes a Village – our Village!