Leading Your Child to Jesus

Once your child has heard the gospel, he or she may be ready to respond to it. At MVC, we feel that this is a special opportunity for parents to be involved in their child’s faith journey.

You may already feel very comfortable leading your child to Christ, but if you’re feeling unprepared, we’ve got some resources for you – and we’re always more than happy to talk with you.

As a church, we are trying to expand our understanding of the gospel to include creation, the fall, redemption and restoration, rather than to focus solely on the fall and redemption. We want to encourage children to make a decision for Christ based on a solid understanding of God’s whole story. There is so much more to the gospel than just “fire insurance” (avoiding hell) or “getting your ticket to heaven”. 


When discussing salvation with children, the phrase “accepting Jesus into your heart” is often used. Another image is “centering your life around Jesus”.

Here is a short explanation for introducing this concept: “You know that the earth goes around the sun. Wherever the earth journeys, the sun is always at the center of its path. In the same way, we can center our lives around Jesus. When we do this, He shines His light into every part of our lives – school, home, friends, every decision we have to make, every worry we might have…everything!”

Earth Science

There are many different methods to explain the basic ideas of the gospel, but these are the key concepts:

  • Admit your need for God
  • Ask for His forgiveness
  • Trust in Jesus alone to rescue you
  • Commit to following Jesus as Lord of your life

Below are some good resources for helping your child come to Christ:

The Story: a 6 minute animated video describing creation, the fall, redemption and restoration. The site also has an online storybook version and steps for accepting Christ. 

Lead Your Child to Christ: a step-by-step guide for parents. There are two versions, one geared toward younger children and one aimed at older kids. 

Superbook: an interactive video gospel presentation.

Superbook Salvation Song: a song containing the basic ideas of salvation with clips from the Superbook videos in the background.

Superbook Gizmo’s Bible Adventures: Your New Journey with God: a pdf that includes the steps for accepting Christ, a prayer for accepting Christ and a 30-day kid-friendly devotional. 

The Jesus Storybook Bible: a collection of Bible stories that show how the entire Bible tells one BIG story – the story of God’s Rescue Plan. 

Here at MVC, we are committed to helping children grow an everyday faith that lasts for eternity. It is our fervent prayer that your little one will come to Christ in His good timing!

We would love to know if your child has made a decision to follow Christ so that we can rejoice along with you!


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