Parenting in the Pew

parenting-in-pewFor parents with little ones, that time before children’s church can be a bit harrowing. We wonder:

How do we keep our kids engaged?
Are the people behind us distracted by the wiggling little bodies next to us? Do we allow the ipods, the books, the paper and crayons?
How do we contain that loose change for the offering that always seems to drop loudly on the floor just as everyone bows for prayer?
If our hearts are fixed on being with our children before the Lord and not before the congregation, we will begin to experience great relief and freedom. We can be freed to help our children worship without the pull of external distractions or the self-consciousness of wondering what others are thinking. We can overcome the question that worries so many parents with children in the pew: What do people think of me because of the way my children behave?

Every Sunday, parents engage in a sacred undertaking: helping their children to learn to worship. What a responsibility…and what a privilege!

Give yourself permission to teach and model worship to your children, rather than simply trying to keep them under control.
The rest of us will understand…and we’re here to help!


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