Leading Your Child to Jesus

Once your child has heard the gospel, he or she may be ready to respond to it. At MVC, we feel that this is a special opportunity for parents to be involved in their child’s faith journey. You may already feel very comfortable leading your child to Christ, but if you’re feeling unprepared, we’ve got some resources for you - and we’re always more than happy to talk with you. As a church, we are ... Read More

What is Communion? Part 1

Participating in communion is an important milestone in a child's spiritual journey. But what exactly is communion? Why is it important? How can we communicate the basic principles to children in a way they can understand? One place to begin is with the idea of symbols. Our culture is full of symbols, and even fairly young children have some understanding of them. Using the idea of symbols, we can ... Read More

Spiritual Milestones: Communion

What are spiritual milestones? According to Brian Vanderark in Think Orange, spiritual milestones are “significant moments in the life journey of a parent and child that offer a unique opportunity to reinforce truth and celebrate a growing relationship with God.” Here at MVC, we think spiritual milestones are something to celebrate! The first milestone we’ll be exploring is receiving communion ... Read More